“What for I join English course and training for companies? I feel like taking lessons at school. That’s really boring and tiring.”
Many people have such thinking because they have ever experienced something that is out of their expectation when joining an English course. Not all English course institutions provide learning in a fun way. They focus on theories and memorize the grammar formulas. There is one English course and training for companies Balikpapan that helps you to improve your English skills in an effective way but fun. English Today comes to Balikpapan to fulfil your Business English needs!

 “Do English course and training provide learning effectively?
It’s very effective. Why is it so? We give the learning that is adjusted to your needs. We have various English programs and qualified trainers that can answer your English needs. You can improve your skills in writing memo, email, fax and reports, reading journals and speaking skills in giving a presentation.

“Is that true that English Today provides fun learing? I have ever joined English training for employees. It feels long and boring.”
We understand your need and worry. We understand that you do not want to listen to the teacher’s explanation for hours. And then, you do the exercises and continue with the discussion. We realize your tiredness because of tight working hours. Therefore, we provide learning in a fun way, through simulation, group discussion, role plays, case study, etc.

You do not need to doubt English Today quality. A number of employees, managers and company executives have trusted us to improve their English skills in business context. English Today keeps on giving trainings to well-known companies in Indonesia, such as Bank Mandiri, Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Pertamina, Djarum, Traveloka, Harris Hotel, dan masih banyak lagi.

Are you ready to speak English in business context?

If you have any question about English Course for Companies Balikpapan, do not hesitate to contact English Today. We are ready to help you.

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