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When you are faced with a meeting with foreigners, both leading and attending a meeting, you need to use English as your communication tool. Certainly, the English that you use is different from the English in daily life. You need Business English course. How if you participate in a meeting or lead a meeting in English? Being nervous is a normal thing. However, you are able to overcome you nervousness through Business English conversation program. You certainly do not wat to lose your self image in front of your employees. Therefore, English Today presents Business English training Balikpapan.

If you often attend or lead a meeting, then Effective Meeting is the most suitable Business English program for you. What skills do you get when you join Business English training  Balikpapan with Effective Meeting program?

  • Asking questions and clarifying
  • Giving a report in a meeting
  • Opening a meeting
  • Leading a meeting
  • Giving opinions
  • Using a diplomatic language
  • Facing a controversial subject

We also have Excellent TelephoningNegotiation SkillsPerfect Presentations, and many more.

At English Today, you will be asked to play games, do a group discussion, do a simulation, do role plays and do other interactive activities. You will not stick to the textbook. We do not give the theories that you will never use in the working environment.

We have trained many prominent companies in Indonesia with various Business English focuses. We have been trusted by Traveloka,, OLX Indonesia, Sushi Tei, Permata Bank, Garuda, Nestle, Pertamina, Air Asia, and many more.

If you are confused to choose our Business English program, you can consult with us about your business needs. After understanding your needs, we will provide the best program for you and your employees.

If you have any question about Business English Training Balikpapan, please contact us.

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