Are you looking for English private course in Balikpapan?
Do you want to join an English course but you have tight working schedule? You don’t want to face the traffic jam? Or you probably feel embarrassed when your mistake is corrected in front of your peers? English Today has the solution for you! English Today presents English private course in Balikpapan.

English private course English Today focuses on English skills in business context.  Whatever your business need is, English Today has English programs with various business focuses for you: negotiation, presentation, meeting, sales and marketing, tourism and hospitality, telephoning, report writing, etc. We also design materials just for you! So, don’t worry if our Business English program does not meet your expectation. Our learning contributes to your business improvement.

“How if I want to join English private course in Balikpapan?” You only need to form a small group consist of your friends or colleagues to learn in your location.

What are the benefits of joining English private course Balikpapan English Today?

  • Saving energy and time.

We come to your place!

  • Relaxing

You will feel more relaxed because you study with people who are close to you or you know before.

  • More effective and efficient

Learning will be more effective and efficient because the teacher will teach in a small group. Your English skills will be easier to be evaluated.

  • Getting feedback immediately

If you make mistakes or have any questions, the teacher can give feedback immediately. Beside that, you will not feel embarrassed if your mistake is corrected because you study in a small group, not in a big group.

There are many benefits that you get if you join an English private course in Balikpapan with English Today.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

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