Studying English is one of the main keys to success. Why is it so? The answer is because you will be able to know the recent business improvement throught international news, you can get wider working opportunities and you can increase your career or job position or status. It’s great, isn’t it? English Today gives you the benefit through Business English course Balikpapan.

Let’s dicuss one by one why you need to study Business English.

  • You have the opportunity to get better job
    Many companies are looking for employees with English communication skills. Mastering English is an additional value to you. English is an international language. You have a big opportunity to work overseas. When you are able to communicate in English fluently, you will be more confident in interacting with other people.
  • It is really possible that you will be promoted. You will be needed by the company to communicate in English to do a negotiation, give a presentation, cooperate with foreign parties, etc.
  • You will be able to know the era development; the trends and improvement of business and economy in the world, technology advancement, etc.
    the news about era development is occasionally pioneered by western countries that use English. If you master Business English, you will be able to know the recent business trends. This will certainly contribute to your business.

English Today can help you to achieve those things through our Business English programs that focus to improve your English skills in business context!

You will be able to communicate in English when doing a negotiation, giving a presentation, attending or leading a meeting, telephoning (making or receiving calls), writing emails or business reports, and many more.

English Today has become learning partners to many employees, managers and company executives of prominent companies in Indonesia, such as: Pertamina, Nestle, BNI, AirAsia, GTA Construction, Lotte Mart, Harris Hotel, HERO, OLX Indonesia, and many more.

How if you want to join Business English program Balikpapan but still confused with the program that you will take?

Please consultwith us. We will give the best program for you and your employees.

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