Many people don’t feel that they need to study because they are already old. It must be remembered that you are never too old to learn. Learning is a process. Therefore, you have to keep on studying. Never stop learning! Nowadays, many parents train their children to speak English since early ages. As a result, they get used to communicate in English in daily context. Of course, you don’t want to be left behind by the young generation, colleagues or even feel embarrassed in front of your employees. English Today cares for your needs. We present English course Balikpapan for employees, managers, directors, or whatever your position in the company, to improve your English communication skills in business context.

What do you get when joining Business English program?
Business English program will equip you with some facilities to improve conversation skills in working environment in particular situation, such as meeting, appointment, presentation or telephoning.

English Today cares for your company and employees’ needs. Learning English program in Balikpapan is trained by qualified trainers that have teaching experiences in many prominent companies in Indonesia. We have native trainers and local trainers with English qualities as equivalent to the native speakers.

Who have ever joined Business English course English Today?
We have trained many national and international companies.some of them are XL, Daikin, Hankook, Harris Hotel, dan Traveloka.

Why do you need to choose English Today? What makes English Today different from other English training providers?

  • The learning materials are designed based on your company needs
  • You will not stick to the textbook
  • There are fun and interactive activities, such as simulation, games, roleplays and case study
  • We come to your office or the place that you want
  • Many prominent companies in Indonesia trust English Today as their trusted learning partner

How if you want to join English Course Balikpapan, but you feel confused with the Business English focus that you want to take?
Please contact us. You can consult or ask questions. We are ready to help you to find your Business English focus.

Improve your English skills with English Today. +6221 745 6296 / +6221 748 60977 / +6221 292 36998