Are you looking for English training for companies? English is often used in report and email writing, negotiation, presentation, telephoning, etc. You need special skills to do those things. How can you get the skills? You can learn Business English that enables you to communicate using English in business context. English Today presents English course place in Balikpapan!

Whatever your business need is, English Today has English programs with various business focuses for you: negotiation, presentation, meeting, sales and marketing, tourism and hospitality, telephoning, report writing, etc. Wealso design materials just for you! So, don’t worry if our English program does not meet your expectation. Our learning contributes to your business improvement.

Nowadays, English training for companies is sought and needed by many companies. Some companies that gave joined English traning for companies with English Today are CIMB Niaga, PEDDER GROUP, THIESS Indonesia, Senayan City, Keppel Land, Permata Bank, BNI, etc.

English Today has native trainers and local trainers with English qualities as equivalent to the native speakers. Our trainers provide fun learning. You will be asked to learn through games, simulation, case study, group work, role plays and othe interactive activities. We do not give theories that you will never use in the working environment. So, don’t worry! You will not feel bored in joining our English training for companies.

How if you want to join Business English training but you are still confused to decide the suitable program for your company?
Please consult with us. We give our time just for you. We listen to your business and employees’ needs. After knowing your Business English skills, we will give the most suitable program for you.

If you have any question about English course place in Balikpapan, please contact us. We are ready to help you.

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